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Cuto Charge - The Charge to Mass Energy.

Show your Charging Skills in Cuto Charge which is a different version of Endless Runners.

Story: Cutos were small cute creatures which lived happily in their world. But when their energy sources got depleted, the darkness spread. The light of hope appeared when some types of Cutos like Heros and Voiddhas develop abilities or discover them which pre-existed in their body is that the far they can run, the more and faster they get charged and when they faint their body's electrical energy is absorbed to fulfill the Cutos needs for electricity. Show them your help by becoming a electric chargeable Cuto and Charging for them in this unique Endless Runner.

Developed and Distributed by Aceboy Productions - Indie Game Development

"This is my first public Unity game. Show me your feedback so that I can improve and provide you games that you can play for hours without getting bored."

Install instructions

Read the Game Manual for any Control related information.


Cuto Charge v1.05 In Development Release.zip 21 MB